Monday, December 3, 2012

About the Final Exam

I mentioned in class today that the final will be a different format than the midterms.  It will be an all essay test.  There will be no math-like problems as on the midterms.  The essay questions may cover topics we have math modeled, but they will ask for a discussion of the issues, not derivation of a bunch of equations.

As has been the practice, I will make the candidate questions known ahead of time.  There will be between six and eight candidate questions.  Three will be chosen.  You can count on one of those being on content covering the reputations and dynamic incentives, since you haven't been tested on that yet.  The other questions can come from material done earlier in the semester.

The Final is worth 300 points, yet I'm only having three essay questions, not six of them.  This is so I can grade the thing in a reasonable time frame.  So each essay will be worth 100 points.  This doesn't mean you have to write twice as much as you wrote on the midterms.  It does mean I will be a little sterner grading the essays on the final.  For those who did attend class today, it means you have to light the match with your essay, not simply pour the gasoline.


  1. Will the 3 questions necessarily be one from each "section"? (1 from Midterm 1, 1 from Midterm 2, 1 from after midterms?)

  2. I'm not saying. I haven't said up till this point.