Monday, October 22, 2012

Grades in Moodle, Grade Distribution, and PPT from today

For students who missed today's class session -

The graded exams were distributed to those students in attendance.  If you would like to pick up you exam, I will try hard to remember to bring them on Wednesday.  Thereafter it is hit or miss whether I have it when you next come.  You might want to email me ahead of time in that case so I remember to bring it.

For everyone -

I showed a grade distribution for the exam in class, but I'm not ready to distribute that freely.  Likewise, I've not yet uploaded the midterm scores into Moodle.  Some of that is to await the results from Class Direction survey.  (See the previous post. It is linked there.)  I will make these things available in Moodle by Wednesday evening.

But there is another reason.  One consequence of a tough exam, especially one that wasn't anticipated, is that some students will become discouraged.  I've experienced that sort of response in other classes I've taught, so here I'm trying to counter it as much as possible.  Some of the discussion in class today and the discussion we'll have on Wednesday is part of that counter strategy.  Ironically it ties in somewhat to the content of the class session on Monday, based on B&D Chapter 8.

The PowerPoint we reviewed is publicly available.  The first several slides talk about issues from the class' performance on the exam.  The rest is a review of the exam itself and what sort of responses I wish I had seen.  Note that it was constructed rather quickly and it wan't meant to be self-contained.  My narration rounded it out.  If you missed today but want to get a sense of that, I suggest you discuss with one of your classmates who did attend.

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