Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Turning a molehill into a mountain

The survey results can be seen in Moodle.  I thought some of the comments were interesting.  We'll

I again would like to apologize for missing class today.  My present plan on how to manage that is simply to move everything back one class session, so our discussion on signaling will be on Monday, your Blog post about B&D  chapter 8 can be turned in as late as Monday night.  I'll read those on Tuesday and we can discuss on Wednesday.  I will get the calendar adjusted to reflect these changes ---- in a little while.

So now the story of this little fiasco, which might prove interesting when we consider employee shirking, which sometimes happens in the form of absenteeism.  Now you'll have the chance to tell your friends and family, "hey, my instructor cancelled class one day by giving the lame excuse that he had to go to the emergency room."

The medical issue, truly minor, is that one of the stitches didn't get absorbed properly so the wound opened and started oozing.  I was home alone and it was getting a bit messy so I called my wife to see if she could help by calling the orthopedics folks at Carle and asking them what I should do.  She calls back a few minutes later and says the nurse told her I should go to the ER.  But when I finally saw the doc later today, he said the ER trip was unnecessary.  He's on call and I could have met with him for a regular office visit.  The nurse had panicked by recommending the ER.  One good turn deserves another, so my wife panicked too.  As a consequence I did go to the ER.  The physician's assistant saw me in the waiting room so I wouldn't have an ER bill.  He patched me up temporarily.  I saw the doc later, and I'm seeing him tomorrow again just to make sure.  But the whole thing is much ado about nothing other than you guys missing class.

They say - better safe than sorry.  In this particular case I'm safe and also very sorry to have cancelled.

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  1. Glad everything is alright. Disappointed that the class was cancelled which is a compliment to you; most of the time class is cancelled, I celebrate. Hope your medical situation stops being a pain in the butt soon enough. See you in class Monday.