Friday, November 2, 2012


First, let me apologize to the class for the cloud of uncertainty the situation with my shoulder has created in addition to the already missed classes. Here is what I know now about my health. But before that a word on my technology capabilities from the hospital.

I can post messages like this one (obviously) but I can' do it for a long time, because I'm connected to a bunch of wires and it is awkward to do.I don't have access to Excel here. So I can't finish and then post the now infamous homework on bargaining. Nor can I post the grades from midterm1 and from the first half of your blog posts. All of that can be taken care of, I hope in short order, once I return home.

I have an infection under my skin but so far above the shoulder. So it is bad, but it would be worse if it were in the shoulder. The treatment is to take antibiotic via IV and then with medicine applied locally to the shoulder. Every time they clean the area and apply new medicine locally, that is a trip to the OR. I have now had two of these with a third scheduled, probably for Sunday. I expect to go home after that, likely on Monday.

If once home, I can take a pill instead of the IV then I probably can teach class the rest of the semester. If I need to have an IV like thing at home, then I will be stuck at home. I'd prefer not to entertain that possibility at present. But you should be aware that it is possible, which would mean the class would turn into an online offering in some fashion as the only means to close out the semester.

I should know which of these possibilities will happen after the next trip to the OR and will post about that a few hours after it happens.

Again, let me apologize to the class for the uncertainty this situation has created. I know that none of you signed up for it.

Professor Arvan

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