Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Work Around for Homework Download/Extending First Homework Deadline

I have looked for other alternatives of where to store the Excel Homework for members of the class to access.  For the Efficiency Concepts Workbook, I now have posted a copy to SCRIBD and also posted a copy to the U of I's new Box service.  For those of you who have yet to do the assignment, see if you can download one of those and then see if you can submit your solution by this evening.  You'll still get credit for doing it that way.

Longer term. I will choose one of those as the alternative place to post the assignment and continue to use Google docs as well.  I'd like to choose the Campus Box service, but I was having problems with the login this morning.  I'd want to make sure those are behind me before opting for it.  SCRIBD should work, though it is not a campus service, but at least there is a fallback option.

The only real downside to using one of these is that while I can paste the link to the site of the document  in the Google Calendar description, that won't be clickable.  You'd have to copy it from the calendar description and paste into your browser.  I can put in a clickable link in the block post about the assignment, but not in the calendar description.

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